Privacy Policy

Steroids UK have its specific principles regarding personal information and privacy. By following them, we demonstrate to our customers the devotion towards them. Your protection is fundamentally essential to us. At UK Steroids Shop, we follow a few standard rules with regards to the confidentiality of our clients and new website visitors:

  • We don’t ask for any sort of personal data only if we genuinely need it to process and convey your online request.
  • We usually don’t share your data and contact details with anybody but only cooperate with the law, ensure our lawful rights, or with different associations that deliver the drugs to your doorstep.
  • We don’t save the personal information of our customers until and unless it ought for the delivery of consecutive orders and for requests in regards to current requests.


Accumulation of user’s information:

UK steroids shop gathers only that information of its customers which is made public by the internet browsers and servers. This step is as common as in other websites. Generally, this data is non-identifiable and in the form of a person’s language details, type of web server, time, and date of the visit along with the referring site.

However, steroids UK also accumulates some personal information which includes; the internet protocol addresses of the customers already registered with us. We will only use or disclose this data in case of any legal procedures.

How we use this information:

Steroids online might use the data automatically gathered by our site and the data that you intentionally give us. 

  • We use this information to retort to the asked queries and the reactions given by the customers. 
  • We will send an update email or a call to the users in case of any updates or changes.
  • The information collected from you will help complete important tasks such as the delivery of the packages at your doorsteps.
  • The data is used to provide concerning information associated with our items. This might incorporate useful material and pamphlets, limited-time messages, and other comparative kind of messages.

How we protect personal information:

Any personal information provided by the customer is stored in the databases where they are in an encrypted format. This format is not readable by a normal person but us. The data is saved in our system for a limited period. It allows us to work on your order and is destroyed automatically after processing. Kindly behave confidently that your information isn’t just scrambled however kept out of the purview of European and American law requirements on an abroad server – which is past important yet for your true serenity.

UK steroids apply an advance and safe efforts for its customers to protect any personal information. We use the most recent Secured Encryption Technology to secure all kinds of identifiable and credit card details. Our framework additionally has shields set up to keep your cards safe from being misused.

Reveals information in exceptional cases:

We don’t sell or share any client details with some other organization. We consider information security seriously. We have satisfactory electronic and manual methods to defend and secure all data gathered to stop unapproved access.

We have our ways to reveal your personal information only if something unexceptional happens. 

  • Your details will be shared if and only if it requires legal proceedings. 
  • If any civil, administrative, or law enforcement regarding any pending case is involved, then we are legally tied to respond.

Steroids UK guarantee that your details will not be shared with any third party for advertising purposes.

Usage of other links on website:

We barely employ links of other parties on our website because of security issues. Sometimes it became necessary to put third-party links on the server on behalf of our company. These links might include advertisements for their new products. As both parties have their own independent and different privacy policies, steroids UK shops must not be held accountable for any mishap.



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