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What is Dimension Labs Primo E 10 ml?

Is getting a shredded body and increased muscle definition your ultimate goal? Primo-E 10 ml can help. Otherwise known as Primobolan Depot, Primo is an injectable steroid that contains the long-acting enanthate ester as its primary component. By encouraging muscle mass and physical strength, the ester help users maximize their stamina and enhance their performance.

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How does Primo E 10ml work

Primo E 10ml has got all the power to crush your physique goals. From building muscle mass, strength and endurance to supporting fat loss and enhancing your immune system;

Dimension Labs Primo E 10 ml is also perfect for the cutting phase. For this very reason, a vast majority of athletes and bodybuilders are also using it before their competitions.

Benefits of primo E 10 ml

Primobolan, like Anavar, has a low virilisation rating, so women can take it without worrying about developing a deeper voice, increased body hair growth, baldness, or other masculine traits.

Thanks to Dimension Labs Primo E’s ability to burn fat, users can also get as lean as possible while maintaining muscle mass.

Primo E also does not aromatise, which means that its ingredients do not convert to estrogen when injected into the body; thus, there is also no chance of breast augmentation or other feminization effects in males who use it.

How to take it

Primobolan’s injectable version, Primo-E 10 ml, has a fast-acting enanthate ester, which is reputed to encourage lean muscle mass and enhance physical strength with just two to three shots a week. The general recommended dosage is 200-400mg per week. The Dimension Labs Primo E 10 ml results also last for several months. Simply put, even if you stop using it, you will be able to maintain those muscle and strength gains for quite a long time.


  • Do not stray from the prescribed dose. Even a slight modification in the dosage can lead to several complications.
  • For those with liver damage, lung issues, cancer, asthma, or any other significant medical condition, the use of Primo E 10 ml is not encouraged.
  • Primo E 10ml, like other steroids, will decrease natural testosterone production to some extent, necessitating PCT therapy.

Primo E Side effects

Due to the low androgenic properties and non-aromatizing nature, Dimension Labs Primo E 10 ml is considered one of the safest anabolic androgenic steroids UK for men and women. The only possible side effects you may deal with include oily skin, acne, high cholesterol levels, and hair loss.

Where to buy online in UK?

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Dimension Labs Primo E 10 ml
Dimension Labs Primo E 10 ml


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