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What is Pharmaqo Labs Androbolan 400?

Pharmaqo Labs Androbolan 400 is an amazing combination of three potent substances: Drostanolone enanthate, methenolone enanthate, and testosterone enanthate. At the perfect dose, Androbolan 400 gives the user exceptional muscle gains, strength, and endurance. It also helps with fat reduction and low testosterone production. The science behind Androbolan 400 is almost similar to other AASs. It latches to cell receptors that signal it to encourage body growth and simulate the natural hormones we all have throughout early puberty. If you want to buy Pharmaqo Labs Androbolan, come to us.

How Pharmaqo Labs Androbolan works

Every ingredient in this steroid has a history of clinical success. This indicates these substances have been working in labs and gyms for years. The best part for you is that Pharmaqo Labs Androbolan 400 can be used in all the stages of muscle building – and by all athletes. That is, beginners, intermediates, and professional athletes all are allowed to use Pharmaqo Labs Androbolan 400 during both cutting and bulking cycles. It is, however, essential to note that there have been some side effects reported or known from the use of Androbolan 400. This means you cannot feel completely safe while using anabolic steroids UK.


Pharmaqo Labs Androbolan is generally given via injections. The general recommended dose for athletes is 1ml twice a week in the beginning. This can be increased or decreased gradually depending on the user’s response. As for the cycle length, 10-12 weeks are needed to see notable results.

Safety tips

If you want to get the higher-end results that we claim, you’ll need to change your training routine and nutrition in addition to taking Androbolan. Consult a medical practitioner about it. Furthermore, inform your doctor if you are pregnant or have any health problems or allergies. This will aid him in determining whether or not steroids for sale is appropriate for you.

Side effects

When used in small doses, androbolan 400 or any of its ingredients showed no significant adverse effects, but overdose had some, including:

  • Low sperm count
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach ache
  • Breast enlargement

Buy Pharmaqo Labs Androbolan 400 online

Are you looking to become a mass monster using a safe and legal steroid? Your best bet is Androbolan. This steroid can improve lean muscle mass development and strength without causing any serious side effects. It will also increase your T-levels and treat the conditions related to low testosterone production. Thus, don’t delay; buy steroids UK from our online store right now!

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Pharmaqo Labs Androbolan 400
Pharmaqo Labs Androbolan 400


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