Pharmaqo Labs Dianabolan 50

Active Half Life Active Half Life 24-36 HOURS
Dosage Dosage Goal Dependent
Steroid Detection Time Detection Time 21


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Metandieone, or methandrostenolone or methandienone, is also known. Among others, they are available under the brand name dianabolan 50. It is an AAS steroid (androgen and anabolic steroid). The anabolic steroid works in the same way that testosterone-based male hormones do. Dianabolan is a drug that is taken orally.

By following your doctor’s prescription, people can buy UK steroids from the Steroids Shop. This steroid can be used by both men and women. The best thing about this steroid is that it stays long in the body and acts really well.

How does Dianabolan 50 work?

People usually buy Dianabolan 50 for non-medical reasons such as for physical performance enhancement. This drug is mainly used to strengthen muscles in a short time. It improves protein synthesis and energy generation.

Dianabolan 50 is considered as one of the highly reactive anabolic steroids. It looks like a blue heart and is outlawed in the United States and many other nations. Although popular and widely offered on the illegal market,

What type of Dianabolan 50 is available on the market?

They are available in pills or injection form, but they can also use transdermal patches. You can just click on the sleeping shop link and purchase Dianabolan 50 and obtain it one day.

How is Dianabolan for women?

Yes, ladies take Dianabolan as well. However, the adverse effect is often different. Females use this steroid for muscle building and improving sports.

What are Dianabolan 50’s possible adverse effects?

It all depends on gender, medicine dose, age factor, frequency and overall time to take the medicine. Each tablet can have its own negative effects on different individuals.

The following are some of the adverse effects:

  • Acne 
  • Enhance hair growth 
  • Voice changes 
  • Enhanced sexual desire 
  • Breast enlargement
  • Damage to the liver

 Where can I find Dianabolan in the UK?

You may easily purchase Dianabolan at a reasonable price from the Steroids for Sale Shop in the UK

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Pharmaqo Labs Dianabolan 50
Pharmaqo Labs Dianabolan 50


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