Pharmaqo Labs Ment 50

Active Half Life Active Half Life 24-36 HOURS
Dosage Dosage 20-30 MG. ED
Steroid Detection Time Detection Time 90 Days


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Pharmaqo Labs Ment 50

Pharmaqo Labs Ment is made for athletes and bodybuilders looking to achieve very fast and extremely massive muscle gains and endurance. Consuming 50 to100mg of ments every day can give you an outstanding figure and strength beyond any doubt. This steroid has also been effective in handling hypogonadism in males for years. It can address low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, lethargy, and low sperm count. Furthermore, the development of general masculine traits offered by this steroid works as a cherry on the top.

How it works

If you are planning to buy Pharmaqo Labs Ment 50 UK, know that there are thousands of others wanting the same every other day. But, even after so many years of effectiveness, many people are still unaware of the working mechanism of this steroid. Well, there has been a lot of research revealing that ment 50 causes temporary infertility and stops the release of gonadotropins to improve the production of sex hormones.

Dosage of Pharmaqo Labs Ment 50

The usual recommended dosage of pharmaqo labs Ment 50 is 50 to 75 mg daily or every two to three days as it is the strongest of the anabolics available today. Your health professional may prescribe you differently depending on your condition and what best fits you.


You should follow certain precautions before you consume or buy pharmaqo labs ment 50 online. First things first, when you speak with your doctor about your medical history, you always get better results from steroids. The same is the case with Ment 50. Besides, pregnant and lactating women should take this steroid under strict medical supervision. Again, a thorough consultation with the doctor is essential if you have allergies to any medication or food.

After effects

Every anabolic steroid UK out there has mild or severe side effects.  Most commonly reported Ment 50 mild adverse reactions:

  • Increased hair growth
  • Change in voice
  • Stomach ache
  • Body hair growth

Ment 50 severe adverse reactions:

  • Depression
  • Physical dependency
  • Low sperm count

Buy steroids UK

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Pharmaqo Labs Ment 50
Pharmaqo Labs Ment 50


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