Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E

Active Half Life Active Half Life 8.5 Days
Dosage Dosage 300mg – 500mg Weekly
Acne Acne Yes
Acne Water Retention Yes
Hepatoxity Hepatoxity Yes
Aromatization Aromatization Yes
Steroid Detection Time Detection Time 40 Days


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Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E

Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E is one such drug that is used to give users weight and strength gains. You may find it strange, but this steroid has gained most of its fame among Beginner Athletes. Beginner Athletes, mainly belonging to the bodybuilding and weight lifting community, use it to flaunt their figure. If you too want to buy Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E UK, you have made a wise decision of choosing us. We ensure the safe and legal delivery of steroids.

How Testosterone-E 300 – Test E works

Test E, also known as Testosterone Enanthate, is an esterified form of testosterone supplied as a slow-release injectable. It primarily stimulates the development of genitals, bones, and muscles, and its active half-life is 8.5 days. Test E can also treat delayed puberty in boys, along with the athletic benefits. No matter for what purpose you are purchasing this steroid, finding a legit retailer is always essential.

How to take it

This steroid comes in injectable form and has to be administered into the buttock muscle. The dosage, however, may vary from person to person depending on the user’s condition, sex, age, and medical history. In general, it is recommended to take Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E every one to four weeks. Its strong aromatization with estrogen makes it quick in its action, which also explains why it is so popular globally.


Test E 300 allows users to build their muscle mass and strength beyond average capacity in order to achieve the dream figure. Be aware that steroids UK brings a slew of side effects. To make sure you have a great experience using Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E, you need to take proper precautions. This will ensure fantastic results and reduce the chances of severe side effects. In this regard, please stay in touch with health professionals throughout the steroid cycle. He will watch your response to the medication and act accordingly.

Side effects

Here are the most common side effects of Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E and other steroids for sale:

  • Acne
  • Excessive hair growth
  • Stomachache
  • Low sperm count
  • Nausea

Note: report the doctor immediately if any of these side effects get worse and do not go away

Where to Buy Testosterone-E 300 – Test E in UK?

You probably are on this page to buy Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E online. Well, you have made the right decision of choosing us. We have been selling steroids since the early 2000s, and our prices are very reasonable. Really, you can get supreme steroids from our online shop!

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Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E
Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E


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