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Oxythol 50 x 50mg UK literally does act as a blessing for weightlifters, bodybuilders and other sportspeople looking for muscle growth. And not just the athletes but also the people suffering from hypogonadism and delayed puberty understand the benefits of this steroid and take it to improve their masculine traits. Deeper voice, increased sex drive, and hair growth are some noteworthy advantages of taking Oxythol 50.

How it works

This is an oral anabolic steroid that stimulates the synthesis of hormones responsible for producing red blood cells. Users achieve lean muscle mass, strength, endurance, and improved metabolism taking it. Anyway, you’ve found the best location to buy Proton Pharma (Anadrol) Oxythol 50 x 50mg UK. We are one of the most well-known steroid distributors.

How to take it

Proton Pharma (Anadrol) Oxythol is made for everyone, while many athletes and bodybuilders use it specifically for improved performance and figures. One pack of Proton Pharma (Anadrol) Oxythol 50 x 50mg contains 50 tablets of 50 mg Oxythol. The standard dosage is 2-4 tablets each day, but that may vary depending on your age, gender, condition and response to the drug. Whatever the case may be, never increase/decrease the dose without first consulting with the health professional.

As far as the results are concerned, many factors play a part in the effectiveness of Oxythol. Your lifestyle, diet, and exercise routines are all important. For most users, however, the effects of steroids UK remain for six months to one year.


When taking steroids UK for the first time, starting with a lower dosage is preferable.

To patients currently suffering from or have previously suffered from any medical conditions, we strongly advise seeking medical advice before taking Oxythol 50 × 50mg.

Maintain a healthy way of living. For this, don’t drink alcohol or smoke three to four days before you start taking this medication.

Side effects of Oxythol 50

People taking Oxythol 50 x 50mg can experience two types of side effects: mild and severe. In general, the side effects depend on the drug’s quality and consumption schedule. Below are the most commonly reported side effects from Oxythol 50 x 50mg and other steroids for sale:

  • Oily skin
  • Voice change
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Uncontrollable body hair growth

Where you Buy Proton Pharma (Anadrol) Oxythol 50 x 50mg in UK

You can buy Proton Pharma (Anadrol) Oxythol 50 x 50mg online from our store if you want to improve your athletic performance or male characteristics. We offer the fastest products delivery throughout the country. Besides, our rates of steroids are also affordable!

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Proton Pharma (Anadrol) Oxythol 50 x 50mg
Proton Pharma (Anadrol) Oxythol 50 x 50mg


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